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What Are Your Bad Habits?

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Giving up a bad habit is not an easy task, but when we give one up for greater goal, it changes the forces at play in our life, be they mental, material or spiritual.

This Chapter will guide us on how to use our departure point to “seed the gap.” It is a very simple and basic practice but extremely powerful.

The Departure Point technique is

“based on the principle that by giving something up, you can create an opportunity for the universe to fill the resulting gap with something new, and specifically something you desire-your sankalpa.”

~Rod Stryker

In this context, we can see the absence of a habit as space for the universe to fill with our sankalpa, as opposed to a strict suppression of a habit. I have to say, it works! Let’s discuss how it works.

We will first outline the steps for giving up one of those “bad habits” or “time wasters” (if you prefer) from our list at the end of chapter 13.

• Pick one of those bad habits. It should be something that creates obstacles, is unproductive or distracting.  A habit could be any thought or action that crops up on a regular basis.

• Pick something that you can track.  It is hard to manage your thought habits.  So for this activity, choose a bad habit that is concrete.

• Remember it does not need to have any direct connection to your sankalpa.

• The habit you want to discard should be substantial enough so that renouncing it will create a material change in your life.

The Practice: Seeding the Gap

If we have picked out a sufficiently powerful “bad habit,” we will catch ourselves doing it a lot. Lets say we are going to quit smoking (a very powerful habit). As an ex-smoker I know I would want to smoke after every meal and of course with each cup of morning expresso. The moment you either begin to look for your cigarettes or ask someone for a light, stop! That is the departure point.

Deliberately choose the moment you begin to engage your bad habit what ever it may be. Maybe you need to pass on the ice cream purchase at the grocery store.  Perhaps you need to make fewer phone calls while driving. What ever it is, stop.

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