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In Search of the Good Life: Elements that Lead to Happiness

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What do you hold as truly important in life? For most of us, work dominates the daily routine.

We get into our cars (or public transportation) and survive the commute. After this gauntlet, we grind it out for nine to 12 hours in cubicle land.

After work, we want to decompress from the craziness, but with no time to invest in slowing down because everyone’s working for the weekend. Yet, chores and to do lists call for our attention; the demands of which, from both work and life, catch up with us. In the age of the Internet, freedom has evolved into such a beautiful thing.

We so easily lose track of the most important values in life. How can we identify the most essential elements to lead a good life?

Happiness represents the best path to prosperity. The definitions of happiness vary from person to person. For instance, some define it as those qualities and activities that reaffirm our humanity.

The following list draws inspiration from elephant journal’s 12 Things Every Guy Should Master to Become a Real Man.

Please find below some principles to apply to the pursuit of a good and happy life:

Tranquility. Some call this “quiet mind.” Regardless, of what term you use, it connotes the absence of mental and emotional distress. Yoga practice cultivates this by focusing on the breath. Conscious attention on the breath allows individuals to calm and relax

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