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How to Optimize Your Health and Fight Disease Through Natural Healing

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Dr. James Chappell/NaturalSociety

According to the FDA, you should always seek medical advice from your orthodox medical doctor before attempting any natural healing protocol. If you do, I suggest you find one that knows what natural healing is and how it works using herbs, nutraceuticals and other adjunctive remedies. Only practitioners using drugs are allowed to claim they treat, prevent or cure disease. Natural healing practitioners may not make that claim even if their protocols actually do.

What to do and not to do – How to be Well Through Natural Healing

If you don’t know by now, pathogens are not the causes of dis-ease. They are a sign, signal or symptom of the true underlining cause; and that cause is The HONSTEC Syndrome. Of all the components of this acronym, E is most vital. E stands for Energy-in-Motion. All life depends on harmonious free flowing energy. After all, without life force energy, we cease to exist.

The other six components of this syndrome are contributing factors to the loss of energy, both at a cellular level and the body in general. Pathogenic organisms are merely opportunistic scavengers attracted to toxic, nutrient imbalanced, dehydrated hosts; humans. Regardless, there are steps they we can take to minimize exposure to and proliferation of these pathogens. Here are a few ideas.

To help avoid any infection, you should first stop doing those things that contribute to sickness and start doing those things that contribute to health. Here is a short list:

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