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How to Make Your Thoughts More Powerful.

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We should begin this conversation with a basic tantric foundation: “energy follows thought.”

“The universe we live in is energy–what yogis call prana–trapped in material form… At a subtle level, the world and everything in it is essentially pranic, composed of energy and intelligence.”

We all have different belief systems and can argue against traditional wisdom, but for the sake of understanding why “seeding the gap” works, lets use assume it is an accurate statement.

Why Seeding the Gap & Departure Point work :

1. Stillness.
Vedic wisdom describes the mind as a body of water. In that body of water are many thoughts, and each thought is like a ripple. Imagine your mind on an average day. If you had to compare it to a body of water what would it “look” like? At times I feel like my mind is like a choppy sea, and other times, huge swells that only a surfer could dream of.

“Intentions like all other forms of thought, are waves that silently ripple, expanding out from the mind and to the universe.” Rod Stryker

When we learn how to quiet the mind and “still” the waters, we can drop an intention (sankalpa) into this stillness.  If the wave of the intention is dropped into stillness, it expands (as energy) into the universe, free of distortion. The energy of thought, when powerful enough, ripples into the material world. An intention formed in turbulent waters, however, will have less potential to expand, thus not carrying as much power as when done effortlessly. It would be like dropping a pebble into an already turbulent sea.  This is why when practicing the departure point exercise, we stop and create a connection to a Higher Source.

“To effect real change, an intention needs to touch the invisible, all pervading world of prana or life force.” Rod Stryker

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