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4 Energy Sources for Off-the-Grid Living

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Producing your own energy resources is a major part of being able to live completely off the grid. With off the grid living you must be able to have a system that not only can create the energy but can store excess energy that you are not using when it is created. Many people will try to tell you that this is a difficult or impossible task, but it is not as bad as we are led to believe.  Like many things in our society, we as a society tend to believe that we can’t do them simply because they generally aren’t done, which completely contradicts what we all know as adamant off-the-gridders know to be true.

There are several ways to create energy on your own to power your home without having to connect to the same grid that everyone else ties into. The following are four energy sources available for off-grid living.

  • Solar panels: Photovoltaic cells comprising a panel absorb light/heat from the sun and convert this energy into usable energy, able to be stored in batteries and used for modern appliances. While the process is not completely efficient, when compared to other methods, the use of solar cells can produce a ready supply of energy to run electronics, heat sources, and cooking appliances. A solar array can provide adequate energy to at least supplement or even replace grid dependence. Solar tends to be one of the more expensive alternative production techniques, but in small quantities can be easier to implement and has seen major price reductions in recent years.
  • Wind Energy: A wind turbine turns a propeller high in the air and uses the kinetic energy to power your home. This is actually an “ancient” way of creating energy that has proven to be very reliable and useful throughout the years.  You have likely seen these turbines when you drive into rural areas that may use them to power various areas of a farm. Farmers have used these for years and years to power water pumps and to grind grain. During the Great Depression a revival of windmill power occurred as money was scarce.  For many years prior to that, thousands of windmills harvested wind power for normal people like you or me.

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