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One Path To Social Change

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Tom Grasso/ElephantJournal

The Waltons Just May "Let them eat cake" as long as the taxpayers are buying.


Shocking, but if you believe various sources, true.  I know, I am some bleeding-heart liberal because a) I took the Walmart picture from and b) I seem to be siding with the 99% and not the .01% who employ them (both figurative numbers not backed by mathematical certainty).  I’ll take your label then, because the compassion I feel may not have one otherwise.

Despite this, however, I have no political agenda here.  I don’t want you to vote for any one political party because of the fact just presented.  In fact, I don’t want you to vote at all because of this information.   Voting is, to me, often the lazy person’s way of feeling like some responsibility has been met, as if you have whispered in the ear of a dictator and now are somehow absolved in the atrocity going on around you.  You can’t, after all, feed a hungry person only by asking someone if there is food available.

I’m also not suggesting that we riot, occupy, strike, or any other form of civil disobedience.  Rather, I suggest that we each sit down with ourselves and figure out what works best for us as individuals.  Does it mean boycotting employers who don’t pay a liveable wage to their employees?  Does that mean occupying as a form of protest?  Does it mean writing and petitioning our often-inept political leaders for action?  Is it simply voting for someone who seems ready to act on behalf of a better society?

Anyway, this picture inspired me to this article as a means to a much different end.

Finding a Vision

You decide.  What does social change mean to you? What are you willing to do to see yourvision of the world become

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