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Total Surveillance: SMART Grid, SMART Homes, SMART Healthcare and a Camera on Every Corner

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While many of us wondered why the Federal government and numerous federal corporations operating in fraud, portraying themselves as “public service”, were so insistent on dispensing with anything other than all digital, all the time, we have enough experience to know that the Federal government while possessing the capability to actually do something to benefit the public at large, rarely ever does.  Good ideas quickly go bad as the policies, laws and regulations quickly convert to privileged deals, fictionally created science to facilitate global warming scams, economy killing agreements and special considerations for those extra-special campaign donors called, corporations, which the Supreme Court appears to be courting also.

Because of long term planning and the stealth implementation of various aspects of most everything the Federal government engages in when attempting to invade privacy, violate civil rights or just plain trash the Constitution, the all digital system was sold to the American public as the best, most wonderful service possible for communications.  Of course it required that analog services be rendered virtually inoperable and it made each of us vulnerable to ongoing and incessant surveillance of various kinds.

SMART Grid and SMART Healthcare (grid)

The assault on communities by unscrupulous and immoral utility manufacturers and suppliers as they install thousands of SMART meters against the wishes of residents across the country continues as another less known assault is taking place.  Both the past and current administrations and congresses carefully constructed what will be a micro-managed system of in-home surveillance and personal monitoring to be used for data-mining, food control, healthcare rationing, population control and lethal force, if necessary.

The SMART Grid system is dependent on internet technology (IT).  A net metering/monitoring system not utilizing that technology was cumbersome and virtually impossible without converting to total digital networks.  The same IT that is facilitating the SMART Grid utility meters is the same system that will give you the HEALTHCARE Smart grid which is planned to remotely track you through nanochips inserted in medications, vaccines, implantable medical devices and food.  The intent appears to be the remote surveillance of any individual to determine levels of medication, diet, personal habits, heart rate, blood levels of various kinds and incidentally, your location.  It is the perfect REAL ID.

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