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The Habit of Prosperity: Self-Employment As Walking Meditation

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Meditation. I think it’s safe to say that no one would start meditating—let alone continue—without a Really Good Reason. Enlightenment. Inner peace. Lower blood pressure. Even though meditation may become an end in itself, you aren’t likely to begin and sustain a practice without a Really Good Reason.

And even with a Really Good Reason, it’s not easy to show up over and over one breath or one step at a time.

Just like it’s no easy matter to show up for the daily tasks of successful self-employment.

Which brings me to this request from a reader: “I would love some coaching on how to solidly implement new habits that will help me prosper.”

Three questions before we begin
Let’s set the stage for a successful coaching conversation.

1. What would success look like?
It may seem obvious to you, but until you put it into words, a goal can be a slippery thing. So think about it a bit. What would solidly implementing habits that help you prosper look like? How would you know you were doing it?

2. What makes this so important? Why?
Again, it may seem obvious, but the mind is a funny thing. It slips and slides over intentions and has a way of losing sight of them in the moment. Take some time to firmly fix in your mind the Really Good Reason for making this change.

Then take it a step further. Why is that important? What effect will it have on your life and livelihood?

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