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How to Change the World (Or…How to Occupy Yourself)

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I cheated. When I was in college I took six courses a semester and then worked another 20-30 hours a week to pay for my bills (on top of the debt I was incurring). Often I had to miss classes because I had a job that I had to go to. One time I showed up for a midterm and the room was empty. Later I found out the midterm was the day before. I had to convince the professor to let me retake the midterm.

A week later he gave me the same midterm he gave everyone else but I had gotten a hold of that midterm and had a week to prepare the answers. Grade. A+. I’ve explained over and over, College is a scam these days trying to relieve you of all of your future income.

(biggest student loan debt in history)

My roommate in my second semester was the son of a wealthy doctor. He was also a Marxist. In particular, he liked Trotsky. I didn’t understand any of the differences. Later, I’d run into him and he would be talking about “the worker”. He would be in one of the cafeterias reading, in no rush to get anywhere. I was always in a rush. I had either a class or a job. I wanted to take six courses a semester so I could graduate early and not get into even more debt. I felt like I was a “worker” and would get mad at him for always talking about how “the workers” are exploited. He had an anger that I couldn’t understand.

Many people are angry. Here are some of the things they are angry at:

- banks took big bailouts and CEOS got paid big money afterwards. This is horrific. Why did it happen?

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