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Why “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters Need To Worry About Their Privacy

Published on October 16, 2011 by   ·   1 Comment

by Bill Rounds

It isn’t hard to see why the Occupy Wall Street movement got started. Outrage over massive fraud committed by huge companies, combined with a government that protects them from prosecution, then takes money from innocent taxpayers and gives it to those same fraudster institutions is hard to contain.

The goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement are not clear at this early stage, and they may never be clearly defined. Certainly there will be some demands that are a step in the wrong direction, but there may be some demands that would be a positive change. So far, the movement is peaceful. No matter what they are protesting, peaceful protest is not always safe. The Occupy Wall Street protesters, Tea Party protesters, and any other peaceful protesters around the world, can use a few simple tactics to protect themselves and be more successful.
Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protests Upsets Powerful People

Like all who oppose the ruling class, Occupy Wall Street protesters face serious danger to their finances, freedom, and even physical safety. Unjust imprisonment, unfounded criminal charges, potentially unwarranted fines and financial control are all possible tactics of a justice system loyal to financial crooks.
Occupy Wall Street Needs Strategy

While some protesters welcome the opportunity for political martyrdom, offering themselves up to be arrested, others would rather take a more strategic approach to promoting massive change. For those looking for an effective strategy, a very powerful tactic includes protecting the identity of protesters. Anonymity can be an effective tool to protect many protesters from unjust pressure.

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