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Why Do We Create The Ego?

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“Why is the ego created if it causes so much sorrow and pain throughout the world?” a student recently asked.

“Good question,” I replied. I pondered this for a moment and then said, “We are the ones that create the ego.”

The student was shocked and dismayed at this statement and said: “Why would I create something so horrible?”

“It seems that it’s in our nature to create this false self, but this has a purpose. It points us to the other side,” I said.

This concept of killing or eradicating the ego is the basis of many religions, philosophies and practices. Eradicate the S.O.B. and you’ll be free to live a peaceful, happy and contented life. This could be the greatest delusion of them all. What if we need the ego to guide us to the other side? What if there is a distinct purpose of the ego to point us to our own inner truth? If there is no ego, there is no seeing yin from yang, or left from right. There is a way that we can use the ego to navigate our way back home, but first we must understand its origins.

If you spend any time with brand new babies, you can see they have no clue that they exist.

If you plop a little guy or girl in front of a mirror, they will think their refection is another baby. They are perfectly content to play with this new pal until they poop their pants or drop off to sleep, whichever comes first. We can plainly see that they have no self-awareness and think that the baby in the mirror is real.

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