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How to Identify Propaganda

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Propaganda techniques are designed to change behavior. The goal of propaganda is to convince you to buy something, think something, or do something. The posters of World War II provide excellent examples of different types of propaganda techniques, but so do modern day commercials. Television programming is filled with propaganda and provides a great opportunity to practice detecting everyday persuasion techniques. Follow the steps below to identify which propaganda techniques are being used to try and persuade you to change your behavior.

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  • bandwagon

    Look for the bandwagon technique. Is the commercial trying to convince you that “everyone else is doing it!” The bandwagon technique is effective because it makes you feel you will be left out if you do not also buy the product or join the organization being promoted. McDonald’s “over 99 billion served” signs use bandwagon to try and get you to eat at their restaurants. Click the image to the left for an example from WWII that uses bandwagon

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  • loaded words

    Look for loaded words. Is there a slogan that uses powerful words to make you feel strongly about someone or something? This is also called emotional appeal because it uses strong words to appeal to your feelings. This technique is successful because emotional responses are more motivating than logical responses. KFC’s, “Finger-lickin’ good” uses emotional words to appeal to your feelings of hunger. Click the image to the left for an example from WWII that uses the loaded word, “action.”

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