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A Natural Pain Killer More Effective Than Morphine

Published on September 17, 2011 by   ·   1 Comment

Millions live with chronic pain, while millions more suffer bouts with acute pain due to injuries or surgery. Opium-based painkillers, such as morphine and oxycodone have been around for decades. These are the same painkillers used for decades. When it comes to painkillers, we’ve learned very little about what they actually do to the body.

Worse yet, opioids are highly addictive and can cause hallucinations and psychological disorders, not to mention nausea, difficulty breathing, constipation and many other alarming negative effects.

Now, finally, it looks like scientists may have come up with a new painkiller that is natural. A compound derived from an Asian tree bark that appears to ease pain without causing addiction or serious side effects.

Can a Stick Do the Trick?

At The Scripps Research Institute in Florida, researchers have undertaken a study of Tabernaemontana divaricata, also known as crepe jasmine, a tropical flowering plant that has long been used in traditional medicine in China, India and Thailand. Natural practitioners in these countries prescribe various parts of the plant (from flowers to leaves, roots and bark) to heal wounds, fight toothaches and treat skin diseases, fever and pain. When it comes to pain, it turns out that one of the most promising elements in crepe jasmine is conolidine, an extremely rare constituent of the stem bark of Malayan T. divaricata.

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Readers Comments (1)

  1. Mich Jhonson says:

    Someone needs to step in and speak up about these very preventable deaths. This absolutely crazy. These PILLS (painkillers) are mass produced, way over prescribed and are flooding the black market with pharmaceutically made, very highly addictive drugs. This is a growing epidemic all across North america. We need some action ASAP otherwise there will be plenty more of these sad stories.
    Mich Jhonson

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