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9/11 Questions (Almost) Nobody’s Asking

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Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. And although the official version of what happened that day has more holes than a Revolutionary soldier’s sock in Valley Forge, it is now accepted as fact and without question.

The reason for this goes back to what I wrote last week in Prima Facie. There is no inquiry by the American people. What their “leaders” feed them is automatically believed to be true.

Conventional wisdom has it that 19 hijackers of Middle Eastern origin — primarily Saudi Arabians — outwitted the vast United States intelligence network and the worldwide intelligence network for months while preparing to carry out the largest attack ever on American soil. The attack was planned from Afghanistan by a bunch of cave-dwellers and financed by the son of a Saudi billionaire who had an ax to grind with America for occupying Muslim holy ground.

The 19 hijackers conducted extensive training, including learning to fly — but not land — airplanes so they could pull off the attacks. The hijackers split into four teams and, armed only with box cutters, each overpowered the crew and a planeload of passengers and hijacked a plane. There weren’t 20 hijackers and four equal teams because one of the hijackers, Zacarias Moussaoui, was in jail in Minnesota on an immigration violation.

During the ordeal, passengers used cell phones and airplane seat-back phones to call loved ones to tell them of their plight.

After two of the planes struck the towers of the World Trade Center and erupted into huge fireballs, the passport of one of the accused hijackers was found, intact, lying on the sidewalk, virtually unsinged and undamaged but soaked in jet fuel. This “lead” put the FBI on the trail of the hijackers and their co-conspirators right away.

The fires resulting from the crash, fed by jet fuel, brought down the two towers within hours and even brought down an adjacent building that was undamaged by the planes and had sustained only minimal fire damage.

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