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The Power of What We Choose to Eat

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Here in South Africa, Burger King is poised to enter the market, KFC has been here for decades and the fast food franchise industry is heating up. If you are feeling a little bit threatened by corporate colonization of your free will…
remember that you have the power.

By voting with your fork realize that what you choose to spend your hard earned cash on immediately affects the market structures of your society. If a product is not selling, then very soon, companies will stop trying to pass it off onto you.

There are a lot of metaphysics and politics involved in what we consume. We are all integral parts of and co-creators of the world around us.

Americans drink 44 million cups of coffee every day. Imagine if, suddenly, they all wanted tea? This is why companies spend millions to buy your vote-in an effort to convince you of your need and want for their products.

Do you have any qualms about buying cloned meat? Are you a vegetarian? Do genetically modified foods challenge your ethical standpoint?

A lot of beef in the U.S. is now from cloned animals, and the beef producers have tried their best to keep you unaware of this fact. Food labeled ‘Free’ of genetically modified organisms (GMO Free) in America means up to 10% allowable contamination-in the EU, and in South Africa, it means only 1.3% allowed.

What is your viewpoint on buying Organic produce? Can you afford it? If something is called “Green” is it automatically defined as “Good”?

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