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How Air Fresheners Are Killing You

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Most people go to extremes ensuring a clean environment for themselves and their families.  In this quest, people tend to misguidedly trust in chemistry and their local retailers to provide them with an arsenal of tools, which supposedly will make their environment more hygienic.  While practically all of the retail products are effective, few people ever consider all of the new-age chemicals that are left behind, or how dangerous they are.  A few of the brighter people eventually figure it out, but usually only after being diagnosed with a “genetic disorder”.  Some people get the hint after delivering a baby without legs.  Somehow the phrase ‘buyer beware’ hardly does the situation justice.

Our gym installed plug-in air fresheners designed to spray a mist of “air freshening” chemicals periodically.  One of them was attached near the ceiling, on a wall that was directly behind all of the treadmills, to ensure that those under the most physical stress, and those breathing the heaviest, would find themselves inhaling a massive blast of chemicals.  Did we mention that these things impair lung function to cause extreme shortness of breath, and potentially heart attacks?  These things are exactly what need to be placed above treadmills.

We experienced immediate difficulty in breathing when running the treadmills, despite all of us being in excellent condition.  We later experienced chest pains and other symptoms of heart problems in unison.  We decided that this madness could not continue any longer.  This article is comprised of our research efforts in pinning down the problem.

Unfortunately, the residual chemicals from common cleaning and deoderizing products often results in the accidental poisonings to the very people who were supposedly being protected.  These poisons can accumulate over a period of years, so the true causes, and the true health effects are rarely discovered.  The victims might suffer from a strange form of cancer, or they might have some new-age “disease” like “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, and of course, there is the ever-more-popular “genetic disorders” (wink), for whenever the doctors are really confused about what happened.  Genetic disorder, by the way, is the secret code for “we’re clueless”.  Whatever the blame is, it will never be chemicals, because the doctors work for the chemical industry.  Their white lab coats are not mere coincidence.

Do you wish to know why your immune system is weak, why you are always fatigued, and why you and your family have all those mystery illnesses and/or “genetic” disorders; despite your best efforts?  You will find the answers in your cleaning products, your medicine cabinet, your laundry products, your foods, your “treated” water, in “healthy” products like soy, canola, margarine, and in your air fresheners.  There is so much poison, and such little lifetime to absorb them all.  It is a miraculous wonder that the average American does not live in the hospital, but plenty do.

There is an endless barrage of toxic unregulated retail chemical products ranging from Clorox wipes, to hand sanitizers and air fresheners.  The long term health consequences of these products invariably become much worse than any infection (and this includes the so-called “Swine Flu”).

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